Brunel Bridge – a pedestrian and cycling bridge between Rotherhithe and Canary Wharf due for completion by 2022

New Poll – which of 3 designs?  Have your say!

We are hearing rumours that TfL is excluding all bascule bridge designs – which includes the popular ReForm Elliott-Wood design that 93% of you voted for previously.  We believe their reasons for excuding bascule bridges are debatable and that this bridge type must be included in the final decision. We will press for the decision making process to be transparent because we don’t want another “garden bridge” fiasco.  Cast your vote here

TfL Consultation Ended 8 January

Caroline Pidgeon’s (Deputy Chair,  London Assembly’s Transport Committee)  response here

Find the www.brunelbridge.london response here

This exciting project to join Rotherhithe and Canary Wharf has a well grounded justification and wide support from the community, businesses and politicians.

Enthusiastic political support comes from Sadiq Khan, local MP Neil Coyle, Caroline Pidgeon, Chair of the Transport Committee at the London Assembly and Southwark Council – see our News section for details