Bridge Location


Three bridge routes are being considered by TfL:


Option 1 – Central Alignment

The central alignment is of course the same as the well-known ReForm/Elliott Wood ( design. This route was imposed by the PLA requirements as defined at the time, but since these requirements are now subject to further consideration, two further possibilities are being offered.

Option 2 – Southern Alignment

We consider this to be a non-starter; it combines an inconvenient landing point on the East side with a very tight route on that side, close to existing development.

Option 3 – Northern Alignment

The Northern alignment is intriguing and has many advantages:

  • Short and direct route – benefiting construction and users
  • Aligned with National Cycle Route 425 and footpaths from Russia Dock Woodlands
  • Aligned with the main walking/cycling route into the centre of Canary Wharf
  • Intersects National Cycle route 1, connecting to the Superhighway
  • Because Westferry Circus is elevated, the height alignment (ramps, steps, lift) is less demanding.
  • Because it will be adjacent to the Hilton Doubletree Hotel there will be fewer safety concerns, expecially at night, compared to the other routes

The routing on the West side of the river will be somewhat challenging but would be well worth resolving considering the obvious merits of this location.

You will not be surprised to learn that our current preference is for this route!

We will be meeting TfL shortly and want to represent your views as best we can – so Have Your Say here: