From the Editor, 5 October 2016

In an exiting development yesterday,  London Mayor Sadiq Khan gave the green light for the bridge,  making the national news  alongside other crossings to the East of Tower Bridge.

Although there will inevitably be a range of hurdles to cross,  including funding, approvals etc,  we consider the community campagn we started with the launch of this website nearly two years ago to be won.  But our work is by no means over,  because we will continue to push for the best design to be delivered at the earliest possible date.

We had anticipated the launch of a design competition this month but as part of the “acceleration” announced by the Mayor,  it appears that the design competition will be merged with a procurement process to be launched next year. This makes good sense because the design and the cost can be considered simultaneously to enable the best value solution to be chosen.

Funding the bridge will of course be a big challenge.  We are hoping much of this will come from CIL and Section 106 funding from developments on both sides of the river,  and we will remain active in lobbying for this.


A lot of hard work has gone into getting this far,  and we would like to offer our thanks to those who made it possible including Sadiq Khan, Caroline Pidgeon, Simon Hughes, Neil Coyle, Dan Whitehead and Sustrans


Dr Richard Shuttlewood, Editor