Jacques Chaban-Delmas bridge

This is a vertical lift road bridge in Bordeaux, crossing the Garonne.

  • 575 metres long and 77 metres high
  • Tallest lift bridge in Europe – 110m lift takes the tallest ships
  • Length of lifting span: 117m
  • Completed in 2013
  • 36 months to build
  • It is a road bridge, not a cycle/pedestrian bridge
  • 4 traffic lanes, 2 monorail tracks and 2 sidewalk/bikeways. It is massive!
  • 45,000 cars a day

Here is another example of a massive road/rail bridge of comparable/greater size costing less than ΒΌ the worst case estimate for our lightweight pedestrian/cycle bridge!

Relative lengths:

  • The span across the River Garonne at that point is 412m
  • The span of the Thames from Durrands park to Westferry is approximately 410m
  • The span of the Thames on the TfL proposed Northern route is only 260m

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