Poll – design strategy

We at brunelbridge.london have always campaigned for the concept of a bridge at this location rather than a specific design.  However we cannot ignore the fact that a stunning and effective design has been  proposed by  reForm (architects) and elliottwood (engineers):


At this point in time,  no other design has been put forward,  and it could be argued that this is because the existing design has set the bar so high that there is no appetite to improve on it.

TfL are faced with a dilemma and have two options:

Option 1 – Adopt the current design and seek proposals to build

Proceed with a competitive procurement based on the current design.  This has the advantage that it is already widely admired and is a mechanically effective and elegant design.  It also conforms with Port of London Authority and other requirements and is at an advanced stage. Remember it isn’t just a drawing – it is a fully engineered solution ready to go. So TfL just need competitive quotes to build it at the best price.

Option 2 – Seek Design and Build proposals

In this case  TfL go back to the drawing board and delay the whole process by requesting a choice of designs as well as procurement proposals. Although this would provide a choice, we need to question whether any could be substantially more fit for purpose than the current design.

Other Options?

The Mayor has already given approval for a bridge at this location and the process is well underway.  Therefore the poll options are focussed solely on design and procurement

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